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Advanced Course for Expatriates, Conscious Leaders, and employees in an International Business setting

Elevated Leadership and Diversity Business Competence

Experience the bespoke fusion of a blended business training program with personal coaching insights tailored to elevate your unique journey. The paradigm shifts you experience will elevate you to lead with excellence, improve your well-being, uncover blind spots and biases, allow for a refocus of your energy, and elevate you from conventional success to long-lasting astounding Success. 

Are you an expatriate, an empowered leader, or a high-achieving employee working in an international business setting?

Through this carefully crafted personalized program, you will elevate your inspirational leadership skills to communicate optimally in our global, hyperconnected world. 

The awareness and acceptance gained through the 'Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment' will help you to be in your core energy, fostering confidence and authenticity. You will experience a shift from functioning effectively to using your energy optimally. 

In small groups, our paths converge to focus on experiencing, integrating, and implementing the five key competencies of Elevated Leadership & Diversity Business Competence, leading to acceptance, adaptation, and belonging. 

Join the community of like-minded, curious learners in an intercultural environment. The learnings are embedded through sharing experiences between sessions in an exclusive WhatsApp forum.

  • The basic program comprises of:

    • 5 weekly group sessions of live 90-minute Zoom calls

    • 2 personalized 1:1 coaching sessions

    • 2 awareness-raising assessments: the 'Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment' and the 'Intercultural Development Inventory®.'

  • The business add-on focuses during 4 additional weeks on business skills:

    • 3 additional weekly group sessions of live 90-minute Zoom calls

    • 1 additional personalized 1:1 coaching session with country-specific insights

By embarking on this program, you will increase your ability to communicate effectively internationally and across cultures. You will elevate your leadership and gain a profound understanding of diversity communication, resulting in communicating and influencing with impact, stronger relationships, and better stakeholder management. The program will ignite your curiosity, reshape your worldview, and create sustained personal growth and success.

Be ready to travel far, travel wide and deep inside.

What clients say

Sabrina Sarkar_edited.jpg

Sabrina Sardar

"The training has been very valuable to me. Through Sarah's guidance I now understand more why certain people/cultures communicate in certain ways and how I can play a positive role in those communications.


The program is also making me more aware of human interactions in general as well as my own behaviour in an intercultural setting. Sarah is an expert on this topic and knows what she is talking, as she answers my questions patiently."


Rajan Verma

"Nice program - well tailored. Got me thinking of what I had thought had mastered."

Patricia Olefs_edited.jpg

Patricia Olefs

"This is the information we all need to hear or be reminded off. Misunderstanding happens when you speak the same language, culture, are from the same background etc. 

In an international context it is even more important that we are all humans and that our diversity is our strength if we are only willing to learn and be open to others and their experiences."

Online Business Manager,
relocated from The Netherlands to India

Chief Financial Officer,
relocated from India to Ireland

Optimizing stakeholder management in a multinational work environment

Leading with excellence

Transformational insights on behavior allow you to focus your core energy using the Power of Choice. Be authentic and increase your executive presence. Improve your decision-making, handle stress effectively  , and increase your self-confidence.

Core Energy Focus

Transformational insights through aligning your deep values with mastery-oriented goals, leading to intrinsic self-push motivation and skilfully using your energy levels. Be in your core energy, focus, and respond through the 'Power of choice.'

Blended coaching & training approach

Coming together with a small group of like-minded individuals allows for a safe and non-judgmental environment where business acumen training can be combined with profound coaching moments, leading to clarity and vision. 

Communicate with positive impact

Gain a profound understanding of diversity communication and develop the skills needed for engaging effectively in diverse environments. Infuence your stakeholders in the most optimal way, leading to long-lasting astounding success.


Awareness and practice of inclusion in thought, feelings, and actions. Polishing your verbal and nonverbal communication results in creating and optimizing an environment of belonging, leading to enabling growth and organizational success.

Business deep-dive

The business add-on focuses, through 4 additional sessions, on team dynamics, optimal communication with key stakeholders, power dynamics, evaluating styles, conflict management, trusting and decision-making. Personalized insights enable growth and Leading with excellence.

Easier integration & adaptation

Understand your cultural sensitivity and the path towards successful communication to ensure ease of integration and adaptation. Discover your cultural worldview and dare to go offroad, without losing your identity.

Positive Intelligence

Interwoven with Positive Intelligence exercises, this allows you to activate sage powers that build a healthy mind that serves you in your vision, decision-making, and curiosity.

Eye-opening behavioral assessments

Transformational shifts that uncover the patterns blocking your success are obtained through the insights of the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment. Insights into your cultural sensitivity and development path are gained through the Intercultural Development Inventory®. These assessments hold the mirror that reflects your world.


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