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Choose your Global Coaching Path

I invite you to achieve success consistently. For this, I crafted different paths for individual coaching that will propel you

to be on top of your table.

Click here to read about the coaching principles that Sarah follows. 

1:1 Coaching

This path is focused on taking the power of your life back and standing on top of your table. It is perfect for boosting productivity and morale at home and in the workplace. You will see yourself transform as relationships, communication, confidence levels and leadership skills reach next levels. 

Elevated Leadership & Diversity Business Competence

This path focusses on learning to switch codes when working in a multicultural environment. Be inclusive and stay your authentic self when operating across cultures. Optimise your diversity competence. 

Leadership Skills Optimisation

Our Leadership Skills Optimisation path is designed for busy professionals who are upskilling themselves to become inspirational leaders and recognize the value in bringing in a professional coach to optimize their transformational leadership skills and peace of mind. 

This path includes the 'Energy Leadership Assessment, ELI'. This is in the Top 3 Forbes Coaching Council assessments as an attitudinal assessment every Executive should take.

The aim of this path is create awareness of behavior, master the Power of Choice and claim back your intangible space of thoughts, emotions and actions to direct your energy to being fully aligned with your goals.

How it works:

1 | ELI Assessment

2 | ELI Debrief of 90 minutes

3 | 6 x 60 minutes sessions


Diversity Competence: Basic Cultural Interactions & Advanced Cultural Transitioning

Our Diversity Competence package has two levels (Basic Cultural Interactions and Advanced Cultural Transitions). It is designed for professionals who are upskilling themselves to become an inclusive individual in their hyperconnected global multicultural world and recognize the value in bringing in a professional coach to optimize their respect for Diversity & Inclusion. 

The Basic Cultural Interaction path is essential for anybody daily interacting with other cultures privately or in the workplace. This can be in today's business, governmental and educational environments. The aim of this path is focused on identifying, pursuing, and achieving mutual goals.

The Advanced Cultural Transitions path through add-ons is for people who are focused on transitioning into one specific culture (country) and want to upskill their Business Competence or support for a Trailing Partner or Third Culture Kids. The aim of this path is focused on adjusting.

This path includes the 'Intercultural Development Inventory®, IDI®', which is famous for creating awareness of how cultural differences are experienced and gives a direction for developing competence, eventually resulting in a more inclusive environment. 

How it works:

Basic Cultural Interactions:

              1 | IDI® Assessment

              2 | IDI® Debrief of 90 minutes

              3 | 1 x 60 minutes sessions

Advanced Cultural Transitioning add-ons:

1 | Country Specifics: 2 sessions of 60 min (For Trailer Partner / TCK)

2 | Country Specifics + Diversity Business Competence: 4 sessions of 60 min

Leadership VIP

Our Leadership VIP package is designed for Executives and Expats who are upskilling themselves to become inspirational leaders who want to thrive in a global environment - in the workplace or at home. They recognize the value of bringing in a professional coach to optimize their transformational leadership skills and diversity competence so they can lead from the front in any workplace. 

Great results come from combining disciplines. This powerful path overlays both the 'Energy Leadership Assessment, ELI' and the 'Intercultural Development Inventory®, IDI®' , allowing one to understand one's own biases, the path to optimize intercultural & diversity competence and self-regulating the conscious, empowered mindset that will get you to become the Transformative Leader, thriving anywhere globally.

How it works:

1 | ELI & IDI® Assessment

2 | ELI & IDI® Debrief of 90 minutes each

3 | 9 x 60 minutes sessions including Country Specifics & Diversity Business Competence

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What clients say

Diana Vincent

Business Operations Program Manager, India

"I was a part of the Mentoring Circle organized by the Asia Affinity Network Council in LSEG and Sarah was my mentor. I looked forward to her Mentoring sessions as she always came up with some interesting topics to discuss. She taught us some useful coaching techniques and shared her knowledge and experience generously.

Sarah's insights on various topics ranging from dealing with day to day challenges to career growth was very helpful. I admire Sarah's pleasant demeanor and her disposition to building others."

Working with Sarah as a global coach

Sarah believes in "Travel far, travel wide, travel deep inside.”

Introspection is the path toward Growth. Wisdom comes from reflecting on Experience. Openness to new possibilities requires Courage. Coaching invites people who already feel reasonably well and successful to be even more fulfilled. Coaching is about increasing Joy.

In a coaching relationship, she partners with people in a thought-provoking and creative process that raises their awareness and inspires them to adapt the attitudes required to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Being certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, iPEC, she is a Core-Energy Coach. Through mindfulness, she will help you discover your values and beliefs. You will become aware of the levels of Energy that you have at your disposal to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your ultimate goals. She works with iPEC's 10 Core Disciplines of High Potential & Performing Leaders.

Sarah is ICF certified and adheres to the International Coaching Federation's Code of Ethics. As a continuous learner, she is an active member of the ICF. 

Through many life experiences and as an interculturalist, Sarah embeds in her Global Coaching Strategies to be Diversity Inclusive


She believes in Ph. Rosinski's holistic approach and follows his six perspectives of 'Global Coaching' to allow multiple interconnected perspectives in unleashing human potential toward meaningful pursuits.

Sarah creates a safe and non-judgmental environment where topics can be put on the Table.

Sarah leads with Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness.

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