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The tree in the picture is not starting from scratch. It is starting from experience.

I curiously peeped inside the old rotten trunk to see how the new tree managed to grow. What did it have to overcome? From where did it get the strength?  I looked up at the old trees surrounding him. Were they supporting him through the roots? What would the wind whisper through the leaves of their crowns? “Go on, be yourself and breathe. Get back up your feet and start all over again. This time, you are not starting from scratch; you are starting from experience.”

As I brushed over its bark, I smiled and thought: “What an inspiration you are! So much of strength”. My mind drifted to the courage I see my clients having in the transitioning coaching project that I am currently involved with.


“The Universe must have thought I am getting too comfortable”, he said, as he informed me about the restructuring that happened in his company, making his job redundant. He was taking our coaching call in between visits to the hospital where his mother was undergoing treatment for Stage 3 cancer that had recently been detected. “The Universe has new exciting things in store for me.” – he continued with a meager smile, while his voice was trembling. “I understand companies also need to cut costs, and I carry no grudge.”


The outplacement program that companies provide for their employees who are part of a restructuring allows them a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss what’s hurting them on the inside, what boundaries and values have been crossed in the process and what might if anything, be preventing them from taking action to move forward towards their new goals. Being strong does not mean smiling through tears and suffering in silence. It means being brave enough to talk about what’s hurting you on the inside, to release the energy you carry around it, and to understand what lessons you want to draw from it for future situations.


“It is the best thing that happened to me. It is benefitting me.  I disliked the company culture. They were the wrong people, it was the wrong job. I will easily find another job, for sure.”


“I am disappointed, feel disrespected, and am frustrated. I worked there for 4 years, was rated ‘outperform’ every year, all while giving less attention to my kids due to every day long working hours.”


A new wave of restructurings hit, and many people are given the opportunity to uncover a new professional path and the action they take in it: either drown in the wave, dive into it with full strength to come out gasping for air on the other side, float on it or ride it with full speed.


“I volunteered to get a package. I wanted to leave. While I had fears around it, I want to transform and explore what else the universe has in store for me. I want to focus on meditation and learn to ‘live in the moment.”


“I am still in shock. I feel drained and cannot think or focus. I thought I did a really good job there. I recently got promoted.  I still cannot understand what happened. They called me at 5 pm and said that today was my last day in this company. My mind goes blank. I can barely get myself to update my resume. What is the use of working in the corporate world? You do your utmost, and the next day they just fire you.”


Everybody experiences these transition phases differently. While we all know the theory about the ideal handling scenario, our mind can go blank in shock, become anxious and paralyzed, lose self-confidence, and get confronted with perceived gaps in the sea of boasting on profiles and resumes.


“I got another offer already! Super excited.”


“I have not told my parents yet. They are struggling with their health, and I want to protect them. I will only tell once I signed a new contract.”


There is no right or wrong in these responses.  They are raw and might indicate how we feel at that moment. We might need to rest, gain strength, reflect, find our own light, or reinvent ourselves in a sea of possibilities.


“As I have not signed a new job yet, I feel guilty every day that maybe I am not trying hard enough.”


“While I am awaiting interview invites, I am using the time to upskill myself and take a few certifications. I can keep on polishing myself.”


Some thoughts will propel us faster to take action and achieve the goal we want to achieve in life. The beauty is that we can consciously choose to focus our spotlight on those thoughts that will help us take action.


“I appreciate this program. It is really kind of the company to provide us with this support.”


“How can I do my internal branding better next time? It is the ones who make a big thing out of nothing, scream loudest and play the political games the best, that stay on. The ones who work hard and expect automatic credit, lose. I cannot be my authentic self in the corporate world. I need to learn how to boast”


“I am adaptable! I will get there. I always get there!”


When we realize the transition gives us a sea of possibilities to write a new chapter in the book of our life, exploring all that life has to give, we will see the opportunities. Let’s be well prepared to grasp them when they come along. Align with your passion, consider the impact, trust your intuition, and take action.

Here are 7 actionable tips to empower you to navigate transitions:

  • Cultivate Powerful Thoughts: Recognize the impact of your thoughts on feelings and actions. Choose empowering thoughts that help you take action.

  • Know yourself. Know what shifts your energy. It can be taking a shower, listening to music, calling a friend, or moving Your Body and engaging in physical activities to break free from moments of stagnation and boost mental well-being.

  • Daily Incremental Steps: Take small, daily actions toward your goals, focus on progress and momentum.

  • Radiate Positivity: Smile – You might be a light for somebody else.

  • Reflect and learn from your experience: Prioritize your values and learn to respect your own boundaries.

  • Unwavering Self-Belief: Believe in yourself and all that you are. Always.

  • Continuous Skill Enhancement: Invest in personal growth and skills development for sustained professional relevance. LinkedIn’s article about #Jobsontherise gives great insights into the skills that will make you a candidate in high demand.

As we go through the meetings, I see my clients evolve. They focus their energy; they regain confidence; they cross hurdles; they take risks; they overcome what was blocking them; they reassess and evaluate; they reflect and conclude the lessons; they course-correct based on their values.

The tree in the picture is not starting from scratch. It is starting from experience. So do you.


I am Sarah. And - This is My Table. I am an ICF-certified coach. My mission is to empower you to become confident to stand on top of your table in all aspects of your life and reclaim your power over yourself. Working together in a safe and high-flame coaching setup will enable you to make decisions aligned with your core values, passion, and mission. That alignment is critical to ensure you have no regrets for having responded differently in life.


I invite you to identify blocks and shift your energy. We will break the walls around your table so you can enjoy the view to the fullest. As an entrepreneur, a multinational executive, and a lifestyle traveler, my eyes smile. I love life. I am on top of my table. I know my values, self-worth, and limits, and I invite people to improve their lives. Join me. Come sit at my table.



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