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Sarah Debusscher

PCC ICF Coach, empowering you to

be on Top of Your Table.


About Sarah

While there are many coaching services available, choosing the ideal coach can be challenging.


When you partner with Sarah, the space created for non-judgmental connection, with a focus on inspired action, allows for living a fearless, authentic life in line with your values and goals.

Sarah is a highly accomplished PCC ICF- certified professional life and executive coach and trainer specialized in building an empowered mindset leading to transformative corporate success, mindset resilience, and intercultural business competence. With over 15 years of experience in a multinational corporation within the BFSI space and a thriving entrepreneurial venture, Sarah is a dynamic hands-on international leader committed to empowering individuals in today's diverse and hyperconnected business landscape. She also brings profound expertise in coaching, mentoring and leadership, identity development and diversity & inclusion to the table.

She has lived and worked in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Geneva - Switzerland, New York - US,  and Mumbai - India.

Her approach to life and leadership development is dynamic and compassionate with a focus on taking inspired action, leading to results. She is a forward thinker to help emerging leaders create culturally smart, inclusive workplaces.

Sarah is blessed to be a mother of 4 daughters. Driven by her adventurous spirit and love for nature, she experiences life profoundly. As a human being, she embodies the 'being of a coach': present in the moment, mindful and a high level of connectedness. Her stories are heart-warming, often hilarious, and always humble.

Sarah invites you to sit at her table for a transformative journey toward sustained success and empowered leadership in today's globalized world. She will take you on a path of introspection and growth.

What clients say

Coaching Client Testimonial Sharon D'Souza

Sharon D'Souza

"A good coach can change a game, and a great coach can change a life.


These words were brought into action by the inspiring coaching from Sarah. 


Sarah puts all her energy and thoughts not just on understanding the issue you reach out to her for. But digs deeper to help you understand what it is that holds you back and works with you step by step till you finally say Hurrah!

I did it.

I have had a first-hand experience of how successful and game-changing this is."

Coaching Client Testimonial Natalia Delmastro

Natalia Delmastro

"Sarah has been an amazing partner who guided me at the beginning of my personal transformation journey.


She helped me see all the opportunities available for me out there and raise my awareness about myself and my true desires so I can make a conscious choice.


Grateful for having worked with her and for all her support along the way."

Coaching Client Testimonial Kishor Talole

Kishor Talole

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” - John C.


This is what exactly happened with me when I was working with Sarah. Her guru mantra about bringing value to the work was extremely powerful, especially the "Three things" one helped me a lot to achieve success at work.


Sarah's systematic approach to any situation or issue is the most effective way to come out or bring the best from the situation. With her coaching, I am creating a better version of myself every day. Thank you."

Customer Learning Manager, India

Customer Success Director, Mexico

Assistant Vice President, India

Sarah's path to discovering the power of Diversity Business Competency as a Global Coach

As a Business Executive leading from the front and working globally, Sarah consistently noticed that people seek more clarification and guidance about how to lead effectively in the workplace. Creating awareness about the power of choice and shifting our mindset to growth opportunities and collaboration became her main focus.

Yet, she felt something missing. People often overestimate their effectiveness in verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They will experience that something is 'off' and 'connecting' is a challenge. Tactics and practices on perspective thinking and subtleties in word choice are not being taught enough. She started creating awareness around people's communication skills to be more aligned with the goals somebody is trying to achieve.

In the business setting that she was, as a Director working daily with people across the globe in our hyperconnected world, she realized the success of being agile in code-switching and using strategies in intercultural business interactions. She knows one can leverage great relationships by applying specific techniques that help thrive across cultures. As she invites people to grow, she started training on Cultural Intelligence (CQ), with a particular interest in Business strategies, allowing employees and companies to leverage this for competitive advantage. Having moved across significantly different cultural groups, she understands how to adjust to different cultural settings.

Combining the holistic approach of Global Coaching, the Power of Choice in Energy Coaching, and Diversity & Cultural Intelligence leads to fluently adapting to new patterns (code-switching) and transforming mindsets to achieve consistently positive outcomes, which is what Leadership and  Intercultural & Diversity Competence are all about. 

Interactions take place between people, not cultures. An adaptive mindset, IQ, Emotional intelligence, Positive intelligence, & Cultural intelligence lead to fluency in effective communication, which is critical for success. Outstanding Leadership unfolds if we put people first and invite them develop into the best version of themselves.

Please have a seat at my table to discuss the path you want to walk.

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Fun Facts:

  • Traveled the world on Student, Tourist, Diplomatic, Employment, and Business visas. 

  • Is happiest visiting Unesco World Heritage Sites.

  • Folded 1000 origami flowers to support coral conservation.

  • A proud iNaturalist Citizen Scientist.

  • Humbled by the starry night sky in Base Camp Mount Everest in the mighty Himalayas in Tibet.

  • My superpowers are patience, resilience, adaptability, creativity, and empowering others to reach their full potential.

Expertise at Sarah's Table

When you sit at somebody's table to discuss your challenges, thoughts, beliefs, and ambitions, you want to make sure there is a connection and space for non-judmental, yet thought provoking thought-processing. You want to be partnering with somebody who listens with intent, an open mindset and professional expertise. Human to human.


Life experiences and our reflections on them teach us profound insights and wisdom. Sarah has experienced life in many facets and practices perspective thinking.

As a mother of 4, traveling the world while being a director in the BFSI world, she loves to experience life! Walking her life path has led her to be on many rollercoasters, reminding her to be present in the moment, partner intentionally, with simplicity, spaciousness and fearlessness. 

Below, you can find Sarah's professional certifications and memberships, ensuring she is constantly upskilling herself and staying up to date with the latest trends in coaching and intercultural & diversity competence.

Sarah's Certificates

  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC from the International Coaching Federation, ICF

  • Certified Professional Coach, CPC from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, iPEC

  • COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ Specialist (CLDS) and COR.E Transitions Dynamics™ Specialist (CTDS)

  • Masterclass in Brain, Mind & Culture, Japan Intercultural Institute, JII

She is an active Member of

  • 'International Coaching Federation', ICF India Mumbai Chapter

  • 'Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research', SIETAR Europe & India

  • 'Japan Intercultural Institute', JII 

  • 'International Association of Facilitators', IAF

She is a Qualified Administrator for

  • 'Intercultural Development Inventory', IDI

  • 'Energy Leadership Index Assessment', ELI-MP, iPEC

  • 'Hogan' Assessments: HPI, HDS, MVPI

Certified Professional Coach, CPC, Certified by iPEC
COR.E Leadership Dynamics Coach Certification by iPEC
COR.E Transitions Dynamics Coach Certification by iPEC
Master Practitioner for the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, ELI, from iPEC
IDI badge_edited_edited.png
Japan Intercultural Institute Certification

"Be ready to travel far, wide, and deep inside."

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