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Empowering you.
Empowering business.


This is My table

Being at the top can be lonely. Finding clarity when at a crossroads can be daunting. Living your authentic self can feel scary.


It does not have to be.

Partnering with a coach to

  • gain clarity

  • be highly self-conscious

  • redirect your energy fueled by purpose

  • empower your perspective-thinking

  • uncover your blind spots

  • be an effective, inspiring and authentic leader,

makes all the difference in feeling liberated and shifting from conventional success to long-lasting astounding Success. 

Tap into your immense personal power to develop into the best version of yourself. 

As an ICF-certified Executive Coach, I invite you to sit at my table.

I evoke meta-awareness around your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Be prepared to travel far, travel wide, and travel deep inside.

Transform your leadership through the exclusive group program:
"Elevated Leadership & Diversity Business Competence"


Enrollment for June is open! 10 places only.

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Increased awareness of the impact of
own leadership style

Why stand
on top of our table?

In life, just like we claim our seat, we tend to claim materialistic things, spaces, or projects at work.

If we want to take power back over our own life, it is time to start claiming our own thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences.

Be empowered and propel faster towards your life goals.

How we can partner together:

A globally hyperconnected world requires people to excel in connecting effectively, self-regulate and exercise multidimensional perspective thinking.  Coaching invites you to empower yourself by being aware of your thought-patterns, being deliberate in managing your energy and your actions, and tranforming your mindset to be adaptable, resilient, diversity competent and act authentically.

As we are unique individuals - the coaching path evolves to align with your strategic strengths and developmental needs.

Transformational individual coaching

Empower yourself. Enhance self-confidence and stress management. Build deeper, authentic relationships and move steady towards your goals and purpose. Become inspiring. 

Programs for Expatriates or Leaders in an International Business setting

Expand your awareness to build inclusive and successful connections in international settings. As an expat or as a business leader in an international environment. 

Coaching and Training programs for Organizations

People matter most to an organization's success. Elevate performance and create sustainable change to increase effectiveness, collaboration and successfull connections.

What clients say


Customer Success Director, Hong Kong

"My experience with Sarah’s coaching has been incredible. She is patient, kind, thoughtful, and, most importantly, takes the time to explain concepts that are simple yet highly complex to digest and put into practice. I found her approach to be very practical, she used a lot of real-world examples that helped me fully grasp the learning concepts, and I was able to apply that to my everyday interactions. I especially valued the exercise on active and impactful ‘listening’ - I had no idea of the different approaches until she explained them, which truly changed my mindset. Sarah is a powerful coach, and she helped me become a better, more mindful leader.

Thank you, Sarah!"

I invite individuals and corporates to reach their full potential.

Sarah Debusscher

'This is my Table' is an ICF Certified Professional Coaching and Training Service.

I work with individuals and corporates who want to

  • Raise awareness to adapt the attitudes required to maximize personal and professional potential.

  • Enhance global leadership skills with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, self-regulation, and Intercultural Communication & Diversity Competence.

  • Ease cultural transitions and provide techniques to succeed in intercultural (business) communication.

I work with Companies and educational communities that value their employees and want to empower them through advanced 1:1 or group coaching.


I invite you to have a seat at my table..


Mission & Commitments

Empowering you to be on top of your Table.

My commitment is one of empowerment. Every effort is directed at enabling to introspect, learn, transform and embark upon a ladder of success.

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