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Our Services

Every person is unique, and because people matter most to an organization, we tailor our offering according to your growth opportunity.

The paths below are designed for different settings.

  • You may come as an individual willing to elevate your awareness to propel faster to your goals. You may be an executive who wants to enhance their leadership responsibilities in connecting more effectively with different stakeholders on different aspects that will lead you to success. Or you may come as an expatriate who is searching for easier integration and adaptation.

  • Or, as a corporation, you may want to empower your teams to self-regulate, build engaging connections with stakeholders, and have enhanced leadership presence. more effective in international client relationships or international stakeholder management.  

Choose the path that works best for you. Or contact me to discuss alternatives:

Explore 'This is My Table'

A globally hyperconnected world requires people to excel in connecting effectively, self-regulate and exercise multidimensional perspective thinking.  Coaching invites you to empower yourself by being aware of your thought-patterns, being deliberate in managing your energy and your actions, and tranforming your mindset to be adaptable, resilient, diversity competent and act authentically. As we are unique individuals - we the coaching path evolves to align with your strategic strengths and developmental needs.

Transformational individual coaching

Empower yourself. Enhance self-confidence and stress management. Build deeper, authentic relationships and move steady towards your goals and purpose. Become inspiring. 

Programs for Expatriates or Leaders in an International Business setting

Expand your awareness to build inclusive and successful connections in international settings. As an expat or as a business leader in an international environment. 

Coaching and Training programs for Organizations

People matter most to an organization. Elevate performance and create sustainable change to increase effectiveness, collaboration and successfull connections.


At Imperial College of London, Women in Business Association, empowering promising female students transition from university to the workplace.

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