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Awareness Assessments

We recognize that you know yourself the most, and we don't.

Even if we look at any of your reports, it is always you who knows most about yourself and what you prefer your future to look like.

By working together, we aim to get you there faster.

We identified 2 impactful Awareness-creating Assessments where we experienced long-term, transformational benefits for people who consciously focus on maximizing their impact.

These assessments are combined with multiple follow-up sessions to solidify the insights gained.


Master Practitioner Energy Leadership Index Assessment, ELI

Energy Leadership Index

Famous for boosting productivity, communication, and morale at home and in the workplace. An eye-opening assessment, uncovering patterns in behavior, resulting in transformations in relationships, confidence levels, better stress management, self-regulation and leadership skills.

Master Practitioner Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment, IDI

Intercultural Development Inventory®

Famous for creating awareness of how cultural differences and similarities are experienced. The assessment identifies issues limiting or facilitating the development of intercultural competence. The awareness gained results in higher inclusion, acceptance and belonging.

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