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A Million Fireflies at the Mountain Tabletop? Shifting Perspectives

“Why are they not giving light? When they are flying anyways, they can as well give light.”

I uttered my disappointment. This spectacle occurs only once a year and is pure magic. And I missed it?!

------- The weather had been clear, and this was the last weekend of the season to go and see the fireflies. A 4-hour drive, it is up in the mountains, and there are millions of them.

So we decided, very last minute, on Friday at 9:30 pm, to go for a spontaneous adventure and rent a car to drive up the next morning. I eagerly anticipated the mesmerizing sight of fireflies illuminating the night sky and the enchanting display awaiting us.

By midnight, the car rental company confirmed the rental…it started raining slightly.

The next morning at 11 am, the car keys were handed over to us, and we could start our adventure. It was raining a bit heavier by now, but then, these were just some irregular showers.

Music in the car at full volume, and we felt utter freedom. A roadway shack served us the best vada pau in the world! The vistas on the way were spectacular: dark clouds hanging over the mountains in the distance, broken up by sun rays. We could see local rain showers move across the landscape.

As we ventured deeper into the mountains, an encounter with an old lady offering locally grown tiny mangoes enriched our experience. Their taste was sublime.

There was no sun in the last 30 min of the mountain’s winding roads. Only foggy rain.

Upon reaching our hotel, we eagerly inquired about the fireflies, only to be disappointed. The incessant rain in the area had dampened our hopes; there would be no sight of the fireflies' enchanting glow.

With every passing minute, the rain intensified, but our determination remained unwavering, and we decided to drive the last 10 km up to the famous spot anyways… "We are so close; it would be a shame not to go," we reasoned, clinging to a sliver of hope.

Undeterred by the adverse conditions, we stopped at a local eatery for a warm bowl of Maggi noodles to ward off the cold. They also confirmed our fears - the fireflies would not grace the darkened sky this evening. Laughing at the predicament we had found ourselves in, we relished the moment and reaffirmed our commitment and the spirit of adventure we had embarked upon. We would go till the end!

The roads became inundated with rushing water, causing many vehicles to come to a standstill. But we pressed on, defying the odds.

And then, we reached the firefly spot.

What awaited us was a scene veiled in foggy darkness, with rain pouring relentlessly and heavy clouds obscuring any glimpse of light.

Not a single firefly illuminated the night. Not 1 single light. They could at least have done me a favor to show me 1 light…

We saw fireflies in flight, yes, but they decided not to light up. Amidst the rain, it rendered them unrecognizable, resembling nothing but intimidating black insects.

The night fell, and the whole landscape, shrouded in fog and mystery, seemed like a setting straight out of a suspenseful movie. Below, we caught sight of the lake’s deep, dark waters. The air was so moist that one could expect creepy ghost movie scenes to turn into reality. Our umbrella barely helped. We made the picture shared here, laughed at the absurdity of our situation, and drove back.

The way back to the hotel proved no less eventful, with little black frogs emerging to revel in the heavy rain. We marveled at their presence, adding another whimsical element to our adventure. Upon returning to our hotel room, we were greeted by three frogs that had happily taken shelter inside the room. Our attempts, alongside the security staff, to escort them out became an unsuccessful, comical affair. The following morning, as we started our drive back, the rain had ceased, and the beauty of the surroundings came into full view. Despite not witnessing a single firefly's glow, I realized that the trip had become so much more than that. We had embarked on an incredible journey filled with breathtaking views of rain-drenched clouds merging with patches of sunlight. The music played on, and we had reveled in the sense of freedom that only spontaneous adventures can provide. We had savored the best Vada Pau and Maggi noodles, discovering hidden gems along the way. Connecting with locals and witnessing the delight of frogs in the rain had added another layer of joy to the experience.

Most of all, I was grateful that my company also knew to shift their goals and expectations and could focus on the fun we were having instead of on the initial goal of our trip. Only some people can do that so easily.

We had connected deeply, discovered places, followed our adventurous spirit, ate excellent food, felt free, and most of all – we felt alive!


Reflecting on this mountain Table top adventure, I took away several valuable lessons that I want to share with you:

1️. Embrace the Journey: True beauty lies not only in the destination itself but in the entire journey. The challenges, the perseverance, and the awe-inspiring vistas along the way contribute to personal growth and create lasting memories.

2️. Let Go of Expectations: Often, our expectations can cloud our perception and lead to disappointment. By letting go of preconceived notions and fully embracing the present moment, we open ourselves to new possibilities and enriching experiences.

3️. Seek Alternative Magic: Life can surprise us when we least expect it. Although the fireflies may not have graced us with their lights, the mountain's serene beauty and the peacefulness of the night held their unique magic and offered a different perspective to appreciate. Let me highlight the Power of Perception in this: Ultimately, it's not about what we see or don't see but how we choose to perceive and respond to our experiences. By shifting our perspective, we can find beauty, gratitude, and valuable lessons even without what we initially anticipated.

As I concluded my journey, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I realized that my companions and I had successfully shifted our goals and expectations, focusing on the joy and fun we derived from the adventure itself. It is a skill that not everyone possesses, and I was reminded of the profound impact that people we surround ourselves with, can have on our lives.

May this story inspire you to embrace life's unexpected twists and turns, letting go of expectations and finding joy in the present moment. It is our ability to shift perspectives that allows us to uncover the magic hidden within each experience, even if there is no magical enchanting view of fireflies.


We all get stuck sometimes in a vicious circle that shifts our focus away from our passion, and often, we don’t even realize what prevents us from moving forward. Through thought-provoking questions, in a safe and non-judgmental environment, I will invite you to walk the path to come to a decision that is 100% yours so you can be entirely at peace with the consequences. As a professional coach, I invite you to take a seat at my table. Reaching out is the first step to success and achieving your aspirations.

I am a lifestyle expat, a highly conscious female business leader, and a professional ICF-certified coach who invites you to overcome any challenges you encounter, in a way that aligns with your core values.

Please feel free to get in touch with me.



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